Shipping Policy


Shipping Policy


***All shipments ship FOB shipping point origin or Free Carrier – Origin; Freight Prepaid & Add***

This means that ABM International is responsible for the freight to include loading onto the export truck and we have charged you for the freight. Once we load it into the shipping truck, you are responsible for your freight. If any damage occurs during shipping, you will be responsible for making a shipping claim with ABF. We are here if you need assistance or any documentation related to the damaged items.

At this time, your machines have liability coverage as follows:

Class 110 - liability coverage at the maximum levels, $25/per lb. per piece with maximum liability of $100,000 per shipment

If you order a machine with 1 pallet @ 400lbs. and 1 crate @ 200lbs. and the whole shipment was lost or completely damaged, you would be eligible to receive max 400 x 25 = $10000.00 plus 200 x 25 = $5000.00. This may or may not cover the cost of a replacement.

ABF offers Premium Cargo Coverage (not insurance); This is a supplemental liability coverage and is the only way to ensure that the cost of the machine is fully covered. Premium Cargo Coverage, the rate is $0.65 per each $100 of requested liability coverage, with the maximum per shipment liability increasing to $250,000 per shipment. If your machine costs $25,000.00, the cost would be $0.65 x 250 = $162.50 for $25,000 in coverage. If you don’t have your own cargo policy, you may want to consider this.