Custom Quilter

Custom Quilting Machine | Mega XL

The only company in the USA that will build you a custom sized quilting machine.



Features & Benefits

  • The sewing head – a fully computer controlled quilting system – is capable of sewing any pattern design.
  • A color Touch Screen user interface uses a Pentium computer processor allows for user friendly operation.
  • The Custom Quilter's carriage-less design eliminates inertia problems and pattern distortion.
  • Equipped with a pair of adjustable aluminum frames capable of racking Custom Size materials and includes ergonomically designed clamps. 



Automatic Frame Change Table

  • The extremely low maintenance SL7847 Frame changing table pneumatically raises and lowers the frames to create ease of inserting and removal of frames from the quilting machine within 6 seconds.
  • Ergonomically designed clamps eliminate operator fatigue and muscle strains. 



Sewhead Mechanics

  • A variety of sewheads are available.
  • Available sew speed up to 4,000 SPM.
  • X, Y, linear table speeds up to 1,000 IPM
  • Custom Frame Size.
  • Automatic thread break sensor.
  • Automatic backtack at every start and stop during the pattern cycle.
  • Automatic thread trimming for tack and jump patterns.



Color Touch Screen Operator Interface

  • The Custom Quilter features an extremely user-friendly color touch screen operator interace.
  • The programming computer is a standard PC using a Windows 10 IoT embedded operating system.
  • Standard CAD systems are available for pattern generation.
  • A consistent stitch length is produced under all sewing conditions.
  • Production data is available.


Precision Engineered

  • The Custom Quilter is the most cost effective, precision engineered quilting machine available.
  • Our expert team of engineers has pent many hours designing and testing the mechanisms utilized on the Custom Quilter through rigorous stress and strain analysis to manufacture the most efficient, low maintenance, quilting machine available.
  • The Custom Quilter's X, Y linear table utilizes a carriage-less design for extremely low inertia.
  • Low inertia eliminates pattern distortion typical of conventional quilters and allows the Custom Quilter to be capable of extremely high speeds.
  • Th X, Y linear table is driven by a leaner actuator which consists of a steel reinforced polyurethane timing belt. Only minimal maintenance is required an no lubrication is necessary.



  • ABM International, Inc is a vertically integrated manufacturer with in-house design, programming, welding/fabricating, machining and assembly.
  • With over 70 years of experience in manufacturing quilting machines, our highly trained experts staff consistently delivers the quality our customers deserve.



In House Machine Design

  • ABM’s highly trained engineering design team anxiously awaits your projects.
  • We are available 24 hours a day for customer service, so you can rest well at night!



Technical Data

  • Windows 10 Embedded IoT Pentium-based PC
  • 128GB Hard Drive
  • USB 3.0
  • Standard material size up to 96” x 108”
  • Standard sewing line 84” x 96”
  • Max, material size 140” x 140”
  • Max. sewing line 128” x 128”
  • Max. axis speed 1,000 IPM
  • Max. sewing speed 4,000 SPM
  • Machine weight 3,500 lbs.
  • 220 Volts Single Phase (Three phase optional), 15 amps
  • 100 PSI at 2.5 CFM
  • Floor space TBD